36DL is the "country" or shall we say "microstate'" (it's LANDLOCKED BY the PHILIPPINES after all!) that was createx by Cheesepizza27, our beloved president; Kartoffelsalat, our secretary of self-defence; an Kittychan; our Scribe. the area of territory controlled spans only about 15 feet, which is considerably large, it's just in a classroom after all. Territory spans one and about a half group tables in the classroom. Each town, city, county, or parish is one person's seat.

Format: (City), (Person who owns seat)

Capital: Makusutown, Chp27's

List of cities/ towns:

Chainsawtato city, Kartoffelsalat

Kitty town, Kittychan

M&M parish, M&Manteo

Keikei county, kēńñęth

Galaxy county, Sunshine

Kawaii parish, Otaku!Alexa

Tekkie city, RAM

Mommy city, Chloe

Bullet parish, Kux

The motto is "Pizza FTW!"

Official languages: English, German, Filipino


  1. Never ever insult pizza.
  2. do not insult the officials!
  3. Das it lol