Cheesepizza27 aka Makusu is the president of 36DL. He made a character named Drake who is very hot and whom Kartoffelsalat loves I'm sorry

in the drawing which Kaeroffelsalat created, you see CHP27. Yes, he is wearing a PINK, FRILLY, MAGICAL GIRL DRESS BASED ON MADOKA KANAME. FITE ME.

Personality Edit

Makusu's a cool kid who loves to make jokes. His birthdate, Sept. 27, serves as 36 degree land's national day. His jokes are the absolute best. And if he's reading this I now dare him to edit this page and write one joke in the trivia section. Makusu makes the best RPGs.


-Makusu likes video games (no shiz!)

-He loves Nerds candies, M&M's, and Goldfish crackers.

-Vain Glory is love